Hi folks I'd love to hear your views on my very annoying problem detailed below

  • Heavy Loud Vibration through gear stick and centre console in all gears including neutral (although not as apparent), starts at 2100rpm finishes at 2800rpm, worse point is at 2500rpm.
  • Car jerks taking off from static in 1st gear, but has no issues when rolling and engaging 1st gear.
  • Often hear a metal on metal screech when turning the wheels while parking.
  • This happened a week after MOT.

Car specs
  • PD100 engine Avant 2002 150k
  • PD150 injectors coded
  • PD130 Turbo coded
  • Rymec Solid flywheel, Kevlar clutch plate 6 months old (new gearbox mount installed)
  • Remapped 180bhp, egr off (problem does still exist when set back to standard)
  • Poly snub mount (didn't help fix the issue)
  • injector cleaner with every diesel fill.

I'm pretty handy and willing to get stuck in to find the source of this if you have any suggestions I'm ready to go.