Hi, just wondering if anyone can help, I experienced a problem with my brakes on the way to work today, when I was applying pressure to the peddle, it seemed to need to go much closer to the floor than usual before the car would stop? I ended up hovering nervously over my handbrake in case they didn't work at all? Then when I got to work I called the RAC out and he said the brake fluid was low and also a funny colour, he topped it up and the peddle seemed to be firmer, so we drove round the corner to a local garage to have further investigation.
They called later in the day to say that the brake fluid is practically all water as it has boiled due to overheating brakes, the rear calipers have seized so that I have only been driving on the front brakes for quite a while, also there is a leak in the servo hose and the brake pipes are very rusty and about to burst. They have quoted 980 for the job and I had to pay 72 today for the diagnosis.
Does anyone have any idea if this is a good price for the work? Or any advise at all? I would be most grateful, thanks.