I hope someone can help.
Our 2010 1.2 (3 cylinder) 50k miles has developed an annoying wobble when idling, the whole car wobbles.
I have visited my local VM main dealer as it was almost due a service anyway and I asked them to look into the wobble. They called informing me service had been done but had taken compression tests which indicated very low compression on cylinder 1, poor but just within tolerance on 2 & almost new values on 3............the conclusion was it was smoking and needed a new cylinder head & new valves........ repair estimate 2500
I told them its not worth doing or value for money as the cars only worth 3500. I took car away and couldn't understand the evaluation as the car goes very well its only on idle is an issue apparent. No oil or water is used either so I decided to get a second opinion from a local small family garage. They have now checked the car over and informed the compressions are all good and all close to 130psi I think the value was. They also checked coil packs, plugs, HT leads & engine mounts but they confirmed all was well. They have no idea what could be causing the wobble but one thing they noticed was the timing chain cover had been sealed indicating the timing chain had been changed, the chain is quite too.
One thing to overcome the idle issue is when you sit in the car and very lightly press the throttle and hold it up from the 750=800 rpm idle speed up to 1000 and the wobble disappears. As the throttle is electronic is there a way of raising the speed to 1000rpm? could the timing chain be a cog out or wrongly timed when changed or has anyone had similar issues and managed to solve the issues, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.