Hi everyone,

I'm looking to replace the gearbox in my 2008 A3 2.0tdi quattro. The box currently fitted has a code of KDZ, which according to ETKA has final drive ratios of 62:16 and 62:20, suitable for engines up to 125kW (170bhp). Does anyone know for sure if later gearboxes with the same ratios and same case (02Q1) would be a direct replacement? For example, if I look up ETKA, my KDZ box shares the same VAG part number as a KNW (02Q300012K) and if I dive in further, it looks like the KXY and LPR boxes are nominally the same? Perhaps VAG just get to the end of a batch and stick a new part number on? Are there any other fundamental differences? I suppose oil seals might be different or a reinforcing web on a casting for example, but these wouldn't affect interchangeability would they?

Any input appreciated,