We have a three position memory button on our 2017 SE. When set up it seems fine but when another driver gets in the seat has moved to a seemingly random position. Even after the same person driving for two weeks solid the seat had to be adjusted every time. Took it to dealer who put magic machine on it and they were told that the height adjuster for driver seat and rear seat behind driver was faulty. There is no height adjuster on the rear seat. Mechanic disconnected plug to test a non existent circuit and decided that perhaps his tool was faulty. However seat worked fine after that. Memory positions set. Seat would move slightly back when driver door opened and then simple press of memory button would take seat to desired position. Now seat moves forward when door opens so I can't get in. Have to press and hold memory button to get it to position. If I press and button when door opens I can stop seat moving forward but then when I get in and select memory button, seat tries to crush me against steering wheel before moving back to desired position.
I will go back to dealer but has anyone else experienced anything similar?