I started having trouble with my 2012 Audi A6 Avant 2.0 diesel automatic about 6 weeks ago. The car has an intermittent issue with starting. When I press the start button the engine does not turn and start up. The information panel first displays the "Stabilisation Program: Fault!" and then suggests I press the brake pedal to start the engine. It takes anything from 3 to 20 attempts to start the engine. If the engine starts up after multiple attempts then the stop/start function is disabled but if it starts on the first press then every thing works fine and the car drives as normal.

I delivered the car to the Audi main dealer yesterday and after the initial half an hour diagnostic they suggested it was Adaption Break Light Switch and after correcting it, they felt the issue was resolved but wanted to keep the car for another day to check if the problem reoccurs the following morning. Unfortunately the problem did occur and the car failed to start again. Audi main dealer called me and asked if they could carry out a 2 hour investigation into the electrical wiring to check and see were the fault starts from. With a heavy heart I had no choice but to tell them to continue the investigation and find the fault.

This issue is not new. If one searches the internet, you can find dozens of Audi's with the same issue and the owners have had nothing but trouble trying to find the fault and the fix. I asked the main dealer why Audi cannot diagnose an issue when they have built these fancy systems and sensors to keep the car ticking. It seems a bit unfair that the poor owners of these technological marvels have to pay for the sins of a technology Audi provide.

If anyone has had a similar issue and has been able to fix the issue, please help.

I will also add, a friend and a colleague of mine has an Audi A7 (4 years old) and has been sat in the Audi main dealers workshop for the last 4 weeks with the same issue. They have been unable to find the fault and fix the issue. Luckily for him, his vehicle is under warranty and mine isn't.