Hello everyone,

I recently installed power folding mirrors with Blind Spot assist on my MK7 TDI.

The harness is definitely different on the new mirrors. There is an extra 2 pin cable which I guess is the blind spot connector? The mirrors are also heated and have puddle lights, so the top spec I guess.

Anyway, I installed the new mirrors and new button unit on the driver door panel. The 2 pin connector didn't connect to anything so I left it loose.

I've got OBDeleven and have activated the 2 functions for the mirrors but no result.

Through OBDeleven I am able to test some functions, such as moving the mirror left/right/up/down and all that works fine. But when I try to test the Fold In/Fold Out functions nothing happens.

Is that 2 pin connector the issue, I may need a new control unit?

Any help is appreciated!