Hi Guys,

Thought I'd introduce myself................I'm Mark and I drive a company 67 plate VW Passat estate SE business 2.0 TDI 110ps in magnesium grey with the DSG.
After much research i decided to go for the auto and i have to say its great! I do lots of motorway driving with some blasts down A roads too and i like it's flexibility.....but in sport mode!
I thought i'd made a big mistake until i'd read the manual properly and now every time i start the car it goes straight in to sport. (i also switch off stop start!)

I'm tempted by the DTUK box as i don't want anything permanent, so i was wondering if anyone else has used one?
Having read your how to guide on here, I'm definitely going to change the halogen DRL's for LED's as i think it ruins the look of the car.

I used to have a 64 Passat Excecutive Style and i have to say i miss the heated leather and the xenon lights but this new one is much better looking and seems better 'put together'