Hi everyone,
I hope someone can help me.

My cars DSG box is sticking in gear when accelerating, mostly in gears 3, 4, 5 and therefore over revs. Itís better when cold but worsens when heated up. It does eventually change gear at 3500-4000 revs but sometimes sticks to the point I need to manually change up with flappy or gear stick.. it changes down when decelerating with no problem and the actual gearchange is very smooth.Lastly when on motorway in 6th gear it kicks down to 5th /4th and wonít change up again...
i am a very smooth driver and rarely push the car hard...too old!!!

The gearbox oil was changed about 2 years ago and two local garages are stumped...as am I...cars done 104k is 2008 and other than this is fantastic car.

Any my ideas would be really appreciated so I can guide my local garage

thanks in advance