Hi Everybody,
It seems my registration finally sorted out, so I have access to the posts and can open new thread. Thank you.

About myself some words. (You don`t have to read further if you are not interested in, no problem at all).

I`m an aircraft mechanical engineer, worked mostly on Boeing fleet (B767, B737) at a national flag carrier. My current position is aviation surveyor, of course I had many jobs on Airbus (A330, A320 family), ATR, EMB and Q400 airplanes as well.

One of my hobbies is the cars. When I lived in Hungary - and had a garage - for example I made engine major repairs (on a Skoda !), preparing cars for MOT, and many smaller - larger jobs around the cars/motorbikes.

Currently I can do only smaller tasks, like fault codes read out, EGR valve cleaning, etc.

In the near future we plan a moving, and my aim is to have at least one garage.

I will monitor regularly the topics and try to help the others if I can from my previous experience.
I'm glad to be part of this community.

Thank you.