Hi people
My crafter (2.5 2010)has this ongoing fault where it sometimes wonít start battery voltage is fine no codes stored on Ecu
Once itís been on a long run and left it seems to fail and is now totally unreliable
I fitted a steering lock emulator and this seemed to fix things for a while but itís back to playing up again
I only use this van for my hobby so itís not affecting work etc but I now canít trust it and every time you go anywhere itís a gamble as to whether it will start again!
Any ideas on any more common things these suffer from?
I used to be a tech for vw but have been out the trade for 14 years now so am a bit out of touch with these newer models!
It doesnít even fail regularly enough for me to rush and get the laptop to read data hence why Iím after some ideas of common probs people have come across!