So my 2014 A6 TDI ultra engine oil has recently being saying ďplease reduce engine oilĒ when itís checked on the MMI, I had it into Audi on Friday and they apparently reduced the engine oil to the MAX level and checked using their ďmechanical dipstickĒ. Now my car is back on ďplease reduce engine oilĒ after 3 days. The guy from Audi says itís because I only live 10 miles away from work and the car is not warming up resulting in DPF regeneration fails. Itís then pumping the diesel into the engine oil?? Surely this canít be right... I know there has been a few times itís been in cycle as idle is increased, burning smell and cooling fans blowing but Iíve had to turn it off and leave the car. Is there any truth to this and is there anyway I can initialise a Regen without using VCDS?
Cheers in advance.

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