Hi Everyone,

New to this forum, and I'm sure you lot have been asked about this type of thing a couple of times before, but try this one....

Audi A4 2.0 tdi S-Line 170hp 8ED, B7. Parked up in town to go shopping, no trouble at all, came back to the car, spins over but won't start! Guy who recovered it, scanned for codes, but none came up. He reckoned to change the fuel filter, which I have done, used brake cleaner to get it to fire over to help bleeding the filter and it wouldn't even fire over on the brake cleaner!!! This is what is worrying me. I have pulled the cover off and checked the timing belt which SEEMS fine although I am on my own and can't see it while cranking the engine. Fuel delivers to the filter when the ignition is switched on, pulled the intake pipe to the inlet manifold and squirted brake cleaner straight in there, it coughed and set fire to the whole bloomin' lot which caused slight panic, but no damage done!!

I have checked the relays under the ECU, they seem fine (no corrosion). No in tank pump that I can see to check other than the delivery at the filter. Next thing might be to pull the rocker cover off but I'd like to see if anyone has any words of wisdom first?

If the EGR valve was stuck open would it stop the engine from starting? Don't want to keep trying as I don't think the starter likes me very much as it is!! SO over to you lot

Many Thanks in advance