Hello all, first time posting so hope this is done right,

Thinking of buying an 08 A4 SE 2.0tdi. However I recently found out this comes with the Audi concert stereo. This means that there is no “media” button on most, only CD/SD. My question is that since there is not an external output available is there any way of playing music off ur phone through the car by any method be it by aux, Bluetooth etc? This basic model only seems to allow Bluetooth connectivity for making and receiving calls. Not playing music.

Some have suggested plugging a Bluetooth reciever into the AMI port, however I am wondering if all Audi’s have this port in the glove box? Surely if it had AMI port there would be a media button? With an AMI port you could connect, for example, a tune2air box. But with every tutorial on this box there is always a media button on the dash to allow the connection. I’m thinking that since there’s no media button, there’s no AMI port, cause how would you select the device to play music if there’s no way of selecting the device through ur dash?