I don't know if anyone can help but on Tuesday I bought a 2005 Audi S4 and tonight when while I was driving along what I now know to be the emissions control light came on, some other warning symbol also came up in the middle of this but intermittently, so much so that every time by time I realised this went out before I could pull over and see what it was, but the emissions light stayed on. I've done a search on Google and it would appear this maybe a sign that the catalytic converter/s are failing. Has anybody else had this light come on and could it be anything else?

It's a 270 mile round trip to the dealer I bought it from and I have my doubts that he'll let me get it fixed locally and foot the bill although he doesn't have any workshop facilities of his own, I want to know whatever it is will be done properly and not bodged by the garage in the unit next to his. I may be doing him a disservice but doubt he'll want to cough up for a set of genuine Audi catalytic converters on a 6500 car?