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It is "as road legal" not a road legal.

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Ps what a waste of comment thank you for nothing.
Lets clear up a misunderstanding, Flapperjack's original message to me was misunderstood by me and I agree with hime that the Audi 80 is a great car except for the headlights, i'm sorry to him for my comment. Back to the problem at hand. my first attempt to try to solve problem was to fit the double headlights from the 2.6 which gave a little better, then tried 100w bulbs suprisigly little improvement, then 130 then 160. The suggestion to fit relays i will try after bits delivered. back to road legal, its not the bulb rating but the intensity when measured for mot. also me behind you with 160 watt bulbs ha ha try having a modern SUV up your A....e with led lights!!!