Hi Guys. I have a Mk5 GT Sport 2.0 TDI that was going fine until last night when the only gears I could select were 3rd and 4th (luckily I was only at the shops round the corner when it happened). In between the rain today in sunny NI i managed to get a gander under the bonnet and one of the gear linkages (as you look down from the front it is the right hand side one) had come off. Pulled the airbox out and it slips on OK, but it isn't secure (the clip that is on the left hand linkage is not present on the right hand one).

I am going to go to a local garage tomorrow to ask if he has any, but in advance of that do any of you know if I can get the clips on their own or is it MacGyver time with cable ties and duct tape to keep the bugger on? I have had a look on fleabay but as yet i can't seem to find any.

Slightly annoying as i got this car about 4 months ago after the original GT Sport I had bought spent more time in the garage getting the auto box worked on than it did on the road (was a beaut apart from that, and learned today that it is still giving problems after its 3rd gearbox change, so a lucky escape).

All help and suggestions will be gratefully received.