Hi guys

I've had a problem with my Skoda Superb 2L 170BHP for a few months now.... basically when i accelerate it judders then eventually the coil light comes on and i'm into some sort of LIMP mode...... start the car up again and off i go till the next time..... which is usually about another two minutes... Its gets really bad if im trying to go uphill and the engine is under some sort of load.... This all went away for a few months, but this was after i had pushed every connector together. well its back with a vengeance this time. so bad that the engine warning light came on.

its almost like a speed limiter kicks in, once the limp mode kicks in it doesn't do it at all..!!

I'm pretty sure its a sensor cam, speed, crank......... but trying to find a picture of the bloody thing is near on impossible......

any help is gratefully received before i take it to the garage.