I have had this problem for a number of years. In fact, in spite of my A4 cabrio being 14 years old - it is the only residual fault! While I have posted before - a solution has never been found. Basically when I park and lock the car, the indicators will intermittently be triggered.

  • I know it is not the batteries in the alarm because the alarm unit is in the utility room! I removed the alarm as the indicator lights flashing became lights and alarm when I replaced the alarm unit.

I have a vagcom reading that indicates roof transceiver module 2 - intermittent fault. I was planning to change the module however I noticed on google this fault reading on other posts - but not always associated with flashing indicators.

Has anyone suggestions - or should I just replace the roof receiver module and see if the problem is solved?

I understand the roof receiver module is under the centre console (although I believe some models have the module in the courtesy light unit).

Closest article I found on the module is the following Audi Portal: Sensors Diagnostic . Audi A4 8H (2001-2008). G305 Описание

Has anyone experience of this fault (and does anyone have a part number for the module)