I have become very confused looking for solutions to retrofit AMI into the glove box when I have the MMI 3G basic pre joystick in the centre console. The current setup is as follows, DVD Nav and CD in the glove box, (side by side) it has 2 SD slots, the centre console has no joystick for navigating the menus just turn and press. The car is pre-facelift which I understand happened in 2011 but could easily be wrong on that.

So far I have come across a huge amount on the MMI 2G and some on the MMI 3G post face-lift when they had the HDD fitted so trying to pick up on what cables, part numbers and what unit (along with its location in the car) connects to what is proving baffling and I have resorted to the forum for some help please.

My plan is to remove the CD changer and use the AMI retrofit cable with a USB connection to add a Bluetooth dongle to stream music from a device.

Your help please, to get me on my way, to retrofit this myself would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.