Hello, recently my 2003 VW GOLF TDI , Iíve notice a starting problem since the temperature is getting a little colder in the morning ( Wisconsin ) the GLOW PLUGS only heat for maybe 1/2 second or so no matter what temperature. I disconnected the coolant sensor on the head and the GPL stays on for about 20 seconds. I disconnected the relay under cowl and it RATTLED when I shook it, is that normal. I did replace the GP HARNESS in December of last year, and everything so far has been ok. Do you think itís the coolant sensor in the head ( this would be number 3 for 250,000 miles at $10.00 ) I never even knew there was a relay under the cowl. NOTE : with the relay DISCONNECTED under the cowl the GPL still stays stays on for 20 seconds. Thanks GregIMG_3293.JPGIMG_3295.JPGIMG_3294.JPG

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