Hello guys have a late 2006 passat 170 sport dsg

Few months back she struggled to start in morings started bringing code up on the diagnostics crank sensor and was wrecking starter was winding tht often changed sensor & starter drove like new car for about week and a half now while driving along it wud all of a sudden throw you forward in ur seat ((whip lash effect)) Wen u try to accelerate it wud be nothing there and come down gears and come to stop cut out leaving lights on dash with no fault code at all using vagcom been going on since end of May start of June if there's anyone that's experienced this problem could u please shed light on it im at a loss so r 2 machincs 1 from vw and auto spark

Everything I have changed

Service on engine and gearbox new oil and filters

TIMING belt water pump
Crank and cam sensor and have run test on everything everything is perfect on paper

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