Hi All,

I have just purchased a 2009 MK6 Golf TDI GT

The Cruise Control does not work whatsoever, I have disconnected the battery as I thought that might fix the issue but no luck. I get an exclamation mark with the cc sign on the MFD the whole time the car is running regardless if I have activated CC or not which is annoying that it's there constantly. I don't have any error lights on the dash so I fear that its the whole CC module that needs changing, I do not own VCDS so I cannot read any codes and my local VCDS wants to charge me 350 to read the codes which I thought was just extortionate!

I would also like some help changing the MFD to show MPH if possible and on top of that I tried to upgrade my RCD310 so I brought an RCD510 at my local vw breakers yard but they failed to mention that I will need a code to even be able to use it and now they refuse to give me a refund. Not much is going my way haha

Any help would be much appreciated I am located in Essex

Thanks, Joe