Hi all

Audi A4 B6 CVT autobox: NO GEARS ENGAGING please HELP !

I was having slight issues with the dashboard PRNDS lights flashing when the car got warm and I selected reverse, sometimes the car would not engage reverse, but after moving into Park then back to reverse it would engage, the PRNDS then would stop flashing when selecting D again.
This was the only issue I had, I got the codes read and it stated:

17090 - Transmission Range Sensor (F125): Implausible Signal.

I decided to remove the TCU from the back of the CVT box, inside the TCU I saw that there was gearbox oil and loose contacts, I could see it had been repaired before as the sealant had leaked ! I re-soldered 2 contacts and re-sealed the unit properly, put it back on the car but after about 10 secs the dash beeps and I get the BRAKE warning, ABS and TRACTION control lights on dash with NO GEARS so the car is stuck!!! The fault code is:


I took the TCU off again and took it to a repair place locally, he said there were other loose connection that he repaired and he tested the unit and all was working and fixed or so I believed !?
But I have put the TCU back on the car and the same problem as with no gears and warning on dash is still there !?

I have tried disconnecting the battery thats all, is there anything I can do now HELP !?