Hey guys I'm looking to buy the above car and wanted some info before I go ahead with the purchase..
It's a Feb 2013 Volkswagen Golf GT BLUEMOTION TECH TDI 150BHP.. 3 DOOR
I was just wondering if you's could give me some info on pro's and con's on these cars?
I took the car for a test drive last night (Thursday) and the car seemed to drive very well (not very powerful though)
maybe its because I'm currently driving a car at 225bhp lol
But I have had mk4 golfs before 110 and 130bhp and they were more lively..
This car has VVWSH as well and I noticed the belt and water pump has not been changed,when does this normally take place?
The car has 89000 miles.
I drive to work every day (Mon - Fri) which is 4/5 miles from my house,would this be an issue with the DPF malarky?

Any help much appreciated,