Hello again

This is a slightly more irritating issue. Issue 2 out of 2!

It simply won't open all of the time. I reckon, since I've been driving it for the last few weeks, that you need to press the button four or five times on average to actually make it open. When you press the button by the handbrake, it will mostly make an audible noise that's coming from the mechanism that releases the filler catch. However, on the occasions where you can hear a noise, but it doesn't open, it's quite quiet.

On the occasion, after multiple presses, where it pops into life and the filler cover actually opens, there is a much louder noise coming from the mechanism that releases the cover. It's kind of if, the mechanism is sticking, and it needs four or five goes to free it up.

Therefore, given that I can hear a feint noise most of the time when I press the button - does this suggest that the intermittent fault is more likely to lie with the release mechanism itself, than the button by the handbrake? Ifso, can this be lubed or oiled, or something else done if it's "sticking"? I can't even see how you'd access it, as it's clearly sitting behind the rear quarter-panel, and looks it's a real pain in the derriere to actually reach!

As always - many thanks indeed for any pointers and suggestions to resolve this!