I was wondering if someone can provide some assistance for an issue that I am having.

My car is a Audi A6 1997 1.8T model, engine code AEB.

For a while I was experiencing issues with my central locking which I am putting down to water ingress in the driverís side or the loom in the driverís door breaking. Sometimes the fob would work and sometimes not. On the days that it did not work I manually opened the door with the key.

After a while the key stopped working which after taking the door card off I discovered was due to the paddle part of the barrel breaking off. I then continued to use the fob however this has degraded to the point that it no longer works.

I ordered a new cylinder barrel from AUDI and went to fit this, however I soon discovered that they had ordered the part for the passenger door rather than the driver. (Ironic since I donít have key entry in the passenger side).

I have contacted AUDI and they have ordered the correct part however the real problem has arose when I put door back together. I am now in a position where all the doors are locked and the central locking does not open them and neither does the handle from inside the doors. I believe that the deadlock has sprung on however I am not sure how to remove this.

I have seen on the forum suggestions of hitting at the lock while holding the handle up and pressing the fob. However if the open button is not working will this have any effect?

While I was working on the car the rear passenger door was open and the locks came on. Would this be the issue thatís caused the deadlocks to come on?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the long winded post.