Hi all! First time poster here looking for some help!

I've got a 2007 Octavia VRS 2.0TDi which has developed an intermittent fault, happens about once a week? basically it throws itself into limp home mode and the throttle seems to have a mind of its own when I press it, sometimes accelerating as it should (only up to 2000RPM mind you as its in limp home mode) other times it just cuts throttle then reapplies then cuts reapplies and surges all over the place!

Ran VCDS on the car, it comes back with two codes -

012296 - Camshaft Position Sensor (G40)
P3008 - 007 - Signal Out of Range

005000 - Control Module Malfunction - DBW Throttle Monitoring
P1388 - 006 - Intermittent

I saved the log and attached it to this post, when I clear the codes and take it for another drive only the DBW Throttle Monitoring code reappears when it goes back into limp home mode, which it does after driving for about 10 meters. Camshaft sensor I have previously changed the sensor and also checked the timing, the torsion value was -0.3 so that's within spec.

There's no air in the fuel line (from what I can see) I then changed the Throttle Pedal and the Throttle body which has made no difference. Checked and cleaned the plugs to them both and the ECU, still no difference. Tearing out my hair with the problem!!

On my last run however I had VCDS plugged in logging the Throttle voltages (again attached to this post) and noticed that the G79 voltages are ok, but the G185 voltages are all over the place! Also the G79 Throttle % is all over the place which is confusing since the voltages for that sensor are ok.

Basically question is does anyone have any ideas of where to go next? Whether the ECU is faulty or whether its a wiring fault? I was thinking maybe its a wiring fault but the fact that the G79 % doesn't match up with the G79 Voltage in the graph has me concerned... unless the ECU works that out differently? I've also sent the ECU for testing previously which apparently they said was fine but it could have been behaving itself at that point Any help would massively be appreciated!!