I have been quoted £268 for an oil change for the 9,500 mile (4 months) oil change as the car came set on the shorter interval, which I was happy to keep as it feels better to have a shorter interval for the initial running in period. This breaks down to £117 for the oil, £17 for filter, washer etc, the remainder is labour.

On my last A6 (2012) I was able to get a service pack of 2 services, one oil, one major for £400, which was good value, but it is for cars over 3 years old only (Price is now £450). Add to this they no longer provide taxis as part of the courtesy service when you drop the car in, it all feels like less service for more money. They said they would price match another garage within 15 miles using Audi approved parts, but I donít want to waste other peopleís time just to get quotes.

However I have been on the Halfords website, and for an oil service using Manufacturer approved oils the September price is £120 (reduced by £15), so tempted to ask them to price match, Kwikfit is £124. Anyone else tried this given it barely covers the supposed cost of the oil?