2007 VW Jetta 1.9 tdi PD SE 99,300 miles.

I am experiencing some form or engine stutter/misfire that I cannot solve. A technician where I work has VAGCOM and he cannot find a fault with the car.

under normal driving conditions I am intermittently getting some form of misfire or stutter. Under acceleration usually between1,500-2,000RPM the engine will lose all power and then regain all power within a second. The only exception is when using cruise control. Everything is fine up and down hill.

About 12 months ago the turbo cut and VAGCOM showed a fault code of over boost to which I have a boost sensor fitted under my warranty plan and all was ok. This current fault began shortly after and was usually once or twice a week but has now developed to almost once or twice per day.

my initial thoughts are injector wiring loom which I have a spare to fit but cannot be sure if this is the issue as it is so intermittent. Some form of turbo/vacuum fault. I did think it maybe the vanes sticking briefly and I sticking but I feel this would cause the car to go into limp mode or put up a fault code.

the car has full service history. Fuel and air filters are clean. Small oil leak from the tandem pump to head but I'm sure this isn't related.

I believe the MAF sensor to be ok the car will rev freely to the red line and doesn't mind being driven enthusiastically.

im sure it's not related but the flywheel is beginning to knock on idle but is fine when driving.

does anybody have any ideas before I go ahead and replace the injector to rule that out.