Hoping for a bit of insight but this quite involved so bear with me.

Driving home this evening suddenly got a bunch of warning lights and beeping.

The warning lights are ESP, Power steering (amber initially) and airbag.

My wife was driving and after pulling over we restarted the car, the lights remained but as they were amber and we were only about ten miles from home we drove cautiously onward. While driving on the motorway the car drove fine though the wife, who was driving, reported the steering felt a little different than usual but we did have a canoe on the roof which may explain slight change in driving characteristics.

Once off the motorway there were a couple of occasions where there appeared to be a slight loss of power, all the dial seemed to die, though the engine did not stop, but we also got oil, brake and red steering lights. It would then pick up and we would go back to the three amber lights mentioned above.

Once we got home and emptied the car out tried restarting the car and it wouldn't start. Now has a red power-steering light and the two others as mentioned.

It is a 1.6 Altea, '57 plate, it hasn't been used much over the summer but has always started and run fine. Today we drove about 15 miles no problem but on the way home we got all teh warning lights.

I've got AA home start so I am going to call them out tomorrow and see if they can get it started and / or do some kind of diagnostic and then see where we go from there but just wondered if anyone had any ideas in the meantime?

Many thanks