hi all new to this forum . ageing person .few years behind the times just got electric n shoes.
step son has nominated me to have a go at repairing his caddy van sdi.
he says it wont start , easy I thought WRONG!!!
this is what ive done so far.
yep got fuel !!!
battery good .
switched ignition on no diesel glow plug light ?
ive checked all fuses and checked all relays for functionality all ok.
engine turns over no start.
condemn the ecu
ive aquired another ecu .
glow plug light works ok now engine turns and run for 2 seconds?
think the fault is now the immobiliser.
as this unit is partially a digital unit. is there any cheap solution to bypass or trick the ecu
cant seem to find any diagrams anywhere .
ive tried bypassing fuel cutoff valve with permanent 12 v feed to no avail .so ecu still holding off throttle position sensor
anybody any ideas as to how get around this issue.