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What about this new super diesel technology? Supposed to be cleaner than petrol
Nope and as Gaz says it's not the NOX that is the real problem, that is just the one getting some press at the moment, something to do with a big company not playing by the rules, or something like that, fuss and bother over nothing if you ask me....

Particulates are THE problem and particularly the PM2.5's that are produced by the EU6 standards including petrol engines which are now going to need a GPF, a Gasoline Particulate Filter, it has all got silly, daft, out of control; they are all Band Aid fixes, just a plaster over a gaping open festering wound... These problems are the result of a manic obsession put in motion 20 years ago; the pursuit of reducing man made Co2 and EVERYTHING else has suffered as a result. The aims of lower Co2 with lower NOX emissions don't work together, drop one and the other goes up and vice versa, a no win situation and electric or hydrogen cars are not the answer and neither is bio fuel in its first or even second generation formats. I personally don't know what the answer is to our need/desire to move around freely AND the ability to be able to move goods around BUT I do know that diesel in cars was a really bad idea (but not in commercial vehicles) and that electric cars are an environmental disaster waiting to happen, one that will make the decision to go down the dirty diesel route look like a bad choice of shirt colour in comparison. I just hope I am dead and buried before it happens.