Hi folks, long time not here. I have a bit of a problem at the moment. I have a 1984 kjet 1.8 gti (engine code EV) that im renovating AGAIN lol. Now ive got the injectors out and trying to source new ones. The numbers on the injectors are 0 437 502 015 thats been taken out but when i search for them online, it comes up that these should not be in my car. So i went to Eddie Walker our local parts people. They are saying that the proper number should be 0 437 502 023. But they say that these bosch injectors are obsolete now. But they are saying that theyre might be another number thats taken over from the old number. So just to be on the safe side i had a look online and it says that those numbers are wrong as well. So do any of you gurus out there have any ideas or are these numbers ok? Sorry its a long thread but im trying to get it right first time round. These things are pretty expensive lol. Thanks in advance folks, the help is much appreciated.