Got carried away on ebay......................

Have a Passat estate 56 reg with 185,000 miles now on the clock.
This has proven to be a brilliant, reliable car.
It has been even running on half and half of diesel/waste veg oil for the last 5 years (roughly 60,000) with no problems.

So decided to buy a Bluetooth module for it so started looking on ebay......

Ended up buying a L56VW2 for it to replace the RCD510. Apparently came out of a VW T6 van.

I mean, how ridiculous, I normally do my research etc, but just got carried away by the cheap price I won it peanuts, etc...

It hasn't arrived yet but I now think it won't work in my car.
I have a Ross-Tech dongle and software, brilliant piece of kit, but I rather suspect I won't be able to code it for my car.
I had to upgrade the canbus when I upgraded the radio about 7 years ago when the last radio broke.

Any advice, does anyone know if I can use the radio, or should I put it back on ebay, or just take thehit for being a cheapskate?