Hi guys,

just wondered what everyone's thoughts are on ordering an A6 at the current time what with the age of the model and levels of discounts available etc.

Personally, I own a 2016 A6 Avant 2.0 and am pondering an order for a 3.0... 272 or 320. The best price I've found is from Coast2Coast cars, the price of 272 Avant BE (metallic paint, tech pack and sunroof) being 41.9k, 22.25% discount. BiTDI with the same spec comes out at 46k with a slightly lower (21.7%) discount.

These figures seem decent to me but as I recall discounts were around 25% last year when I was looking at A6s in the first place. Does anyone think discounts will get any bigger before the C8 is released? Also a bit miffed that the APR has been increased to 4.9%, imo a bit steep when for example BMW are offering finance at 2.9%.

Just wanted to get some opinions really guys on whether buying a new A6 is a wise choice at the moment. I haven't actually driven a 3.0 TDI A6 yet and should be doing so this week, which will give me an idea of how much I really want this.

I know there's a similar thread but thought I'd start a new one as the subject is slightly different.

Looking forward to hearing opinions, cheers

ETA obviously there's the whole diesel cloud as well, my own thoughts are that a brand new Euro 6 diesel won't have any problems unless they decide to drastically increase tax on diesel fuel. Part of the reason I'm keen to get onto a PCP (I own my current car) is also to shift any potential sh*t-fan-hitting onto VWFS should it happen.