Hi all,

ADAC made a test to check whether the keyless entry is safe or not. The result was frightening, most of the cars, and almost the entire VW line is not safe from this aspect.


"Cars with keyless locking system that the ADAC could illegally open and drive away

Last update: 17.03.2017

All the models completing the ADAC Autotest were tested. Whether they are equipped with keyless depends on the manufacturer. Unfortunately, we can not make reliable statements on cars that are not listed here. It is, however, to be feared that many keyless vehicles can be stolen in this way."

The test was incredible simply.

They used a wireless signal transmitter to transmit the keyless signal from the owners keyfob to the car, and it worked without any problem. It seems, the keyless entry is not safe at all, and even the keyless go could be unsafe if the thiefs can enter into the car, as with the very same method, they could start, and drive away these cars.