Hoping for help/know how/intel with the front brakes on my 2005 A3. I'm looking to change the OSF wheel bearing and consider myself reasonably spanner competent. Having said that, my Audi experience is minimal - and early on with this job I need some knowledgeable help.

I'm stumped slightly by the brake calliper arrangement. Having scanned youtube, I find the footage shows a different design of calliper, featuring the type with the external wire or steel retaining clip. This calliper is different, the calliper carrier is part of the hub casting, first time I've ever seen that.

The calliper slider pins are both out - but my problem is the calliper doesn't want to slide off the brake disc...? Levering it gently, the top half moves a little, but the bottom half won't move when I try and lever it as there's a lug on the hub casting stopping it. Trying to move the calliper up to clear the lug, causes the metal spring blades on the back of the brake pad to snag and bend...?

I've been reluctant to give it some welly as I'm not familiar with the car yet - but get the feeling that the solution is right under my nose and it's painfully simple - just that I can't see it!! Frustration was mounting, so I've left it until I get some education.

Please could somebody put me out of my misery...?! Any help/shared experience gratefully received.

With best regards

Andy H