Hi guys
I have a vw passat 2l 'bluemotion .61 reg (taxi) 74.000miles
A week ago the engine light come on and after few times turn off and on the engine the light was gone.
After that daily come on and just disapper again.
I did a diagnostic test and come on P040300
Exhaust Gas Recirculation Circuit Malfunction.
My mecanic sed remove and clean it but the light can be back again , can be the sensor and then need to buy a new one 340.
A guy expert on remaps recomand me to remap the car and to block the EGR sistem. Will be less and time.
I dont know if is a good choise to remap a bluemotion , more CO2 and can afect the turbo.
Please let me know what is best to do, if anyone was the same prob.
Thanks a lot for your time.