Hello all,
I bought a 2015 1.6 bluemotion estate last August from a local approved used dealership. They no longer sell new vw's. The car is lovely but for one irritating niggle. The tailgate is holding water and when opened pees out through sides of the trim, all over the load cover and shopping. Something is obviously wrong and needs sorting pdq.

if its something I can fix myself rather than be off the road st the dealers im happy to investigate.
I do wonder if this is a common isseue, already known with a fix.
I only really noticed it after winter rain. The rear screenwash is blasting out ok so I dont think a pipe has come off,
I see what looks like a rubber drain grommet in the base of the lid but no water escapes that and it seems connected to something else indide the tailgate. Mmmm? Wonder what that is.

Id be very greatful if someone can advise, I dont want rust setting in.

regards Jeff.