First post here and i am sorry in advance if i misspell anything, i am from Sweden. 👍

I just bought an a6 2.5tdi fwd auto which seem to have an missbehaving Aceleration Pedal Position sensor.

The symptom is that when i'm pressing the accelerator to start moving/gain speed it takes about 1,5 sec for the car to actually start doing what i ask for, the same when i let go of the pedal or simply ease off, it takes about 1,5 sec for the car to stop accelerating/negotiate "free-roll".
The bloke i bought it from said that he had asked some guys who have been dealing alot with these cars and they had told him that there could either be the injector on the third cyl (why only that cyl??) Or this "madohickey-thingy" that is mounted on top of the accelerator and tells the ECU how much the driver is pressing on the accellerator.

I've been told that the injector is swapped for an replacement injector and it appearently runs better than before.

Since it is an auto it is actually quite scary to use the car at this point and I really can't afford to buy another car atm, nor in the near future.

So i'll just have to fix it myself, the only thing that is keeping me is that Bosch (who is the manufacturer) has discintinued them.

What the frick am i supposed to do now? The scrappers don't know what i am talking about and i'm sure you're not even doing it either..

Are there anyone in here who might be scrapping an 80, 100 or a6 (c4) who has one laying around?

Best regard from Sweden and köttbullemacka to you guys!