Hello There,

I am a few member, so please be gentle....

I have an annoying issue with drivers side electric seat. The seat will not go all the way forward. The seat will move up, down, back and forward in all possible directions, but it will not go far forward enough so that my wife (5 foot 2) can drive the car. It just stops at a certain point.

I had a good look around using a torch to see if any coins or anything was blocking the way in the rails, but nothing could I find. And I am quite sure that the seat used to go further forwards, its just a new problem.

Does anyone else have experience of this? Are there any easy things to check or quick fixes? I don't especially want to go the main ******* and have my pants pulled down.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions...

My car is 2004 A8 3.0 V6 petrol auto - fairly standard spec as far as I can see.