I posted on here about 6 months ago about swapping in the A6 Allroad, but struggling to find something as good.
Having spent a good few days in various showrooms around my local town, Im getting closer. I put a deposit on an Evoque, but after sleeping on it, I wasn't excited - plus 40k for a pretend Range Rover seems overkill!
But tonight I tested a car that made me feel like a kid, and for that alone, it has to win!

I took the new Audi S5 Coupe for a spin, and the noise alone is amazing!
But it's the S4 Avant that I think will get the signature, providing I can battle the dealer to make the numbers more appealing.

Does anyone own, or have any experience with the latest S4? It's 47k in base spec, so don't want to be ticking options for anything I don't need, especially since metallic paint is a 645 extra! I'm in my twenties so as it is I'm probably being a bit silly buying a car of this value, but I love my Allroad and BMW Z4, so it's a brilliant way to combine the two.

So VWAudiform, do your work and help me spec an S4.
So far - brilliant black, 19" 10 spoke wheels, virtual cockpit and tempted with the black pack too. I'm going to get the windows tinted privately, as Audi want close to 500 for the job!