Hi all,

New member here looking for some advice please. Finally looking at sending my 03 golf gttdi to the great scrap heap in the sky after 10 years faithful service and looking for replacement which will be fun to drive and with a bit of grunt!

Considering A4 or A5 (prob not A3 as need set for large cart bag and electric golf trolley which a real squeeze in the golf) and fancy a petrol as only averaging 7-8k mileage per year and most runs are only 20-30 mins so worry about diesel particulate filter furring up.

Seen older threads regarding scary real world mpg for the 2.0tfsi but wondered what people are getting with cars around 40-50k and fully run in

Also notice there is a 180 and 210 bhp versions so would value feedback on both please. Please explain your typical journey (I.e. Heavy town vs cross country blast).

Notice the 3.0tdi has lots of fans in the A5 but with 10k budget can only afford 07/08 with c 60k on clock so worry I'm setting myself up for lots of repair bills.

Any thoughts also on which a nicer b road drive as that is my main journey (very satisfying 20 mins cross country blast at 5.30am to pick up London bound coach) between the A5 and A4.

Sorry that is lots of questions but answers greatly appreciated