Hi all,
i've been lurking in the background for ages getting some great info from fellow members.
Now it's my time to ask for help......

I had a Bose setup fitted a good few months ago and always had a bit of a vibration from the rear parcel shelf area with moderate volume.
Finally got around to kneeling in the back with music cranked up and when I hold the speaker grills down the vibration stops.

How do I remove them?
Does the Bose system use different grills etc at the back (incase they were not changed)?
Has any one else experienced this? I have searched the threads and can't find anything....

Last question - there is NO difference when I turn the Audio Pilot on and off. Is there a way to check this works with VCDS?
No errors are showing when I scan the car.

Lots of questions, but there is a lot of experience out there so I'm hoping someone can help