Hey everyone, I spent a day with Trups who is on RS246 recently to upgrade my lights as I was not massively impressed coming from LED's in my previous car. I'm very happy with the results and i'm yet to put my Osram CBI's in.

We added clear Morimoto etched lenses, modified the shutter and removed the RV shield. Here are a few pics but we did create a full guide for those who would like to give it a go:

Dropbox - RS52778_B8.5 adpative light clear lens and shutter modification.pdf

This is what removing the RV shield does (shows LHD not RHD):

Dipped beam comparison, OEM top, modified bottom. Check out how much the burnout in front of the car is reduced. This makes you fatigued and limits your visibility in the darker areas. It's like when you walk down the street at night you can see further when you are not under a street light than when you are. Also check out the sign and the bushes at the end near the corner, this demonstrates the light profile above. You get this without excessive spill at the sides as you can see:

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