Evening All,

Newbie here, and like any newbie I need some help...but first an intro...

So after owning an Alfa GTA, I swapped for a late 2012 Audi A4 3.0 TDI 204BHP FWD S-Line CVT and its perfect, I commute 45 miles a day and its everything you could want, high MPG, smooth ride and the CVT is spot on and of course the grunt when you need it.

So... over the last 2 months the car has consumed 1.5 litres of coolant most of which has been over the last week so over the weekend I had the sump guard/plate off and there was a damp patch on top of it and the lower radiator coolant hose was wet and a also drip down the front of the engine causing the sump lip to start to rust.

So it has been into a Audi Specialist and they confirm that its a water pump gasket leak (I'm guessing the v-belt has just thrown the water around), solution is a new water pump... not pleased about that or the quote so I'm looking to do it myself but can't seem to find any info or images on how to do so.

Audi quote that its 4-5hours but that all I have to go on.

Any help or directions or links would be much appreciated.