I am considering buying an Audi A6 C4 Quattro , six speed manual, with 2.5l TDI.

It has drove 400 000km. I think that is a bit much, but friend have told med that this car is very though, and that it's a good car.

It has had a service at 390 000km, things that vere fixed was
- timing belt and water pump
- oil in engine, gearbox and differential
- air filter and cabin filter
- power steering pump oil
- rods on both sides
- new battery
- springs and shocks both sides rear
- continental winter tires that is one season old...

None of these things have been changed by an audi workshop, but by a mechanic friend of him...

I only find it a bit odd, since he has changed all this things, and is selling it now... He says he has bought a new car, but I dunno...

Anyone that thinks this is a good car, or should I find another one?