I have decided to fix up my car from all the issues it has as I'll be keeping it for another year, from the first few days that I bought this car this issue occurred to me. When the car is cold and you drive first few miles its all fine, however after long drives or going heavy on the throttle, the car likes to die when in neutral and pulling up to a stop, then when idling the RPM's are very unstable hovering between 900-1100. I did a little reading and heard it could be the lambda sensor, some people also said cleaning the throttle body can help. I was wondering if anyone had similar trouble.

I'll post a link to a video I quickly recorded to show this issue, which also you can hear a ticking noise coming from the left hand side. Its much louder on the camera than it actually is when standing by the car but I am curious to what it could be and if its an easy fix. The car has 162,000 miles on the clock, which I assume for a petrol engine is quite a lot but apparently has been serviced well, at least for past few years.

Thanks in Advance,

Edit: Also as you can see towards the end of the video, after I rev it up and the RPM's are falling down to 1k, they like to dip below 1k and thats when sometimes the car will shut off, no matter if driving or stop. When RPM's are falling especially when dropping into neutral when driving high revs.