Hi guys,
After weeks struggling with my car, I ended up here as the last hope.
I have an 03 reg Skoda Superb 1.8T petrol, AWT engine code, 108k miles. The car starts fine, after reaching the operational temperature the engine just cut off. Always at the same distance from my house, always after driving about 6-7 minutes, always after the temp set to 90 degrees celsius. I need to pull over, turn the ignition off, wait a bit then try starting again. EPC light comes on, EML comes on, sometimes the engine starts, sometimes not, so I have to wait minutes. Today the EML stayed on, engine did run funny.
I took the car to two different mechanics, one of them changed the brake pedal switch, he said thats the cause, the other one said he erased the faults, but on way home from both mechanics, the engine stopped as usual so they both failed not even fixing but locating the issue. So I bought a car diagnostic tool, now I can read fault codes from the car at least. I have various faults:

16395 Camshaft Timing Control, bank 1, specification not achieved, intermittent
16706 Engine speed sensor input circuit no signal, intermittent
00476 Control module fuel pump, No communication, Permanent

What I did so far: I have changed the two relays next to the ECU, made no difference.

Now I feel like Im stuck, dont know where to continue the troubleshooting, what to replace. Fuel pump? Crankshaft position sensor? ECU? Or... ?
If anyone had a similar issue or has any idea, would much appreciate if sharing with me.